Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson make up Two Fat Ladies, the hilarious BBC cooking program that later aired on Food Network. Now the motorcycle-riding sidekicks are back on Cooking Channel.

Clarissa was born into a food-loving British family: Eating caviar and shooting pheasants for dinner were the norm. She studied law at University College London and practiced for several years before returning to her true calling as a cook. She opened her own catering business, cooked on a Caribbean yacht and ran a London luncheon club. After Two Fat Ladies, she took on another TV project, Clarissa and the Countryman, in which she traveled around rural Britain with her lifelong friend, sheep farmer Sir Johnny Scott. She has published several cookbooks, including the Two Fat Ladies book series (with Jennifer), Haggis: A Little History and Potty: Clarissa’s One Pot Cookbook.

Jennifer was the motorcycle driver of the duo, with Clarissa in the sidecar beside. Though she claimed she never had a cooking lesson in her life, she was an enthusiastic cook from the age of 4. She honed her skills while living abroad in Berlin, Portugal, Venice, Sicily and Libya. Back in England, she became the cook for Spectator magazine, where she stayed for 15 years until she formed a partnership with Clarissa and producer Patricia Llewellyn to create the Two Fat Ladies series. In 1999, at the age of 71, Jennifer died "peacefully, painlessly and full of caviar."





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