It's 10 o'Clock Somewhere

Tonight at 10 p.m. on Unique Eats, the crew takes a break from food to explore what's creative in the world of beverages. Coffee, beer, cocktails...they cover it all.

Chef/owner Julian Medina is creating a new world of margaritas at Toloache, a Mexican restaurant in the theater district of New York City. They have 150 kinds of tequila and mezcals behind the bar, and all their margaritas are made with fresh ingredients.

The folks behind LAMILL Coffee in Los Angeles are taking coffee to the extreme. They offer seven different extractions for making coffee but first they tailor the water to have the right balance of minerals and solids to ensure the perfect cup.

In addition to serious java, LAMILL serves signature beverages. Their passion is coffee, but they take a culinary artisanal approach to all of their beverages.

The Monk's Kettle in San Francisco is the place to go for beer in your glass and beer in your food. Sayre Piotrkowski, a certified cicerone (similar to a sommelier for wine lovers), has found a way to work beer into food and then pair it with more beer. Beer mac and cheese? Yes, please.

For a truly unique drinking experience, visit The Gin Joint in Charleston, S.C., where they're serving pre-prohibition style cocktails. It's all about respect for the drink. In addition to lovingly-prepared cocktails, they serve fun, innovative bar snacks, including pad Thai popcorn and giant stuffed meatballs.

To learn more about these places and see what's hot in the world of drinks, tune in tonight at 10pm ET.

What's your favorite watering hole?
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