Simply Baking With Lorraine Pascale

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Loving what you do for a living makes life just that much better. And no one knows that more than Lorraine Pascale, the host of our new show Simply Baking.

A highly successful fashion model in the ‘90s, Lorraine traded in her modeling career to discover her true passion, baking.

She enrolled in Leith’s Diploma of Food and Wine course, and learned about every aspect of food. She also worked in the kitchens of UK hotspots The Square, Petrus, The Mandarin Oriental, The Wolseley, Hakkasan and the Hummingbird Bakery.

Lorraine's bestselling cookbook Baking Made Easy paved the way for a television series in the UK by the same name. The show was a hit, and her second series, Home Cooking Made Easy, premiered in the UK in September.

Now you can catch Lorraine on Cooking Channel every Sunday on Simply Baking, where she shares her secrets, tips and passion for baking sweet (and savory) recipes.

Today's episode is all about Speed Baking. From quick and easy appetizers to a French-style tart that can be made in under an hour, Lorraine shows a sweet treat doesn't necessarily require a long wait.   Catch it today at 3:30pm ET.

Recipes From the Episode:
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