Top Pops: 5 Refreshing Ice Pop Recipes

Here are five of our favorite recipes to stay cool.
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With a solid month of summer left, it remains pretty steamy across most of the country. Chasing down the ice cream truck for relief will only make you sweatier, and the reward may be an artificially-flavored, unsettlingly-fluorescent frozen treat. When you make ice pops at home, the freezer handles most of the labor and you know exactly what ingredients are in them. They're easy, refreshing and flavorful – plus no sweating required.

Here are five of our favorite recipes to stay cool:

Get the recipe -> Yogurt Ice Pops with Berries (pictured above)

These Mexican-style pops use Greek yogurt for a creamy consistency that's guilt-free.

Get the recipe -> Italian Ice Pops

Giada's Italian take on raspberry ice pops are strikingly bright in both flavor and appearance.



Photo by: K. Brown

K. Brown

Get the recipe -> Avocado Ice Pops

Ripe avocados add a creamy texture, so there's no need for dairy.

Get the recipe -> Blueberry Moonshine Pops

Moonshine adds an adult punch to these lusciously fruity treats.

Get the recipe -> Lime Pie Ice Pops

Though these graham cracker-crusted pie pops look like they require more than 15 minutes of prep, they don't.

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