Star in Your Own Food-based Puppet Show

A Toronto-based healthy eating campaign called My Food My Way has created a browser-based DIY puppet show with food.
By: Lawrence Bonk

You know what the Muppets have always lacked? An anthropomorphic slice of pizza. They have a frog, a pig and whatever Gonzo is, so why not a milkshake and french fries? A Toronto-based healthy eating campaign called My Food My Way is fixing that wrong once and for all with their browser-based DIY puppet show. Introducing Foodagram.

Foodagram lets you make your own food-filled puppet shows in just a few seconds flat. All you do is pick a puppet, pick a location and then record some audio. The program does the rest for you. Before you know it you'll have your very own ridiculously absurd puppet show in which a talking slice of pizza says "wazzzuppp" for ten seconds. It's also supposed to teach you about healthy eating habits or something.

So check it out and start making some puppet shows. Once made, they automatically pop up on Youtube which makes for easy sharing. Let's see who can out absurd one another. Ready. Set. Go.

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