Today in Spirits: Rolling Stones Whiskey and Wasabi-Flavored Vodka

By: Lawrence Bonk

Today the wild, wooly world of alcohol brings us both a unique branding and a unique flavor. Get your aspirin at the ready and continue reading.

First up, everyone's favorite aging rockers The Rolling Stones are putting the finishing touches on their very own whiskey brand. Suntory, the company behind the spirit and amazing lips-themed packaging, are charging around $6,000 a bottle -- so this is for serious fans only. But hey, if you drink enough of it you really won't care if anyone else is on your cloud.

Also on the alcoholic agenda: wasabi-themed vodka. You read that right. Vodka that tastes like the official condiment of sushi fans the world over. The vodka, created by Polish distillery Wyborowa, is being released under the amusing moniker "Oddka." They got that right. Bottles of this horseradish-esque liquor will set you back around $15 when they are available globally early next year.

What's the most bizarre or fun booze you've seen?
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