Restorative Winter-Warming Soups and Stews

The bitterly cold month of January is optimal for enjoying vegetable-laden, creamy-pureed or hearty meat soups.
By: Kelsey Vala

Did you know that January is actually National Soup Month? I’m just guessing, but perhaps there is some correlation between National Soup Month and the cold and flu season. Don’t underestimate the comforting and healing powers of a steaming broth, or how such a simple, hot meal can be so welcoming after rich holiday foods. The bitterly cold month of January is optimal for enjoying vegetable-laden, creamy-pureed or hearty meat soups.

Just pair your soup or stew with a light salad and good, crusty "mopping" bread for a warm, curative meal. This month cook your way through broths, bisques, ramen and ribollita, because they may just be the best medicines for a cold winter.

Here are 5 soups for inspiration:

This soup gets its rich flavor when you prepare a Parmesan and herb stock and add roasted tomatoes, prosciutto, potatoes, three types of beans and escarole.

Two recipes in one, this boiled beef will result in a restorative broth for sick patients and Lesso Rifatto, a stew made with potatoes, onions and tomatoes. This is just what the doctor ordered.

The familiar broccoli-cheddar duo comes together in this soup with an indulgent, creamy texture.

For a comforting, one-pot meal, marinate beef brisket in bold red wine before simmering slowly with herbs, vegetables and Chianti. The delicious results will be succulent, fork-tender meat in a rich broth.

This traditional Vietnamese soup is made with rice noodles, paper-thin slices of beef, and a savory broth fragrant with ginger and star anise. The best part about Pho is the flavorful garnishes of cilantro, chiles, lime juice and bean sprouts.

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