Ranch Dressing Cookies. Not Even Joking.

By: Lawrence Bonk

If you were to organize your own "man on the street" segment for a TV show and asked people what their favorite salad dressing was, nine out of ten would probably say ranch. It's easy to see why. It's creamy. It's extremely high in fat and calorie content. It's the cheeseburger of salad dressings. If you can't get your fix with salads alone, there are now ranch dressing, uh, cookies.

Rogue Bakery, based out of Ohio, has proven their namesake by creating cookies that taste like ranch dressing. How close to the mark do they get? Well it says right on the packaging "These cookies taste like ranch. Not Even Joking."

As of now, these cookies are available for delivery in the Columbus area, or the bakery will ship some of their cookies nationwide from their website.

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