Alie & Georgia's Holiday Cocktails and Treats

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Winter has just started to peek its adorably mild head around town here in Los Angeles, and that means it’s the time of the year when everyone drives terribly and stays inside as much as possible to avoid the 60 degree light rain. And what goes better with weather-induced agoraphobia than a nice, strong cocktail or plate of comfort food in the form of dessert?

Since there’s nothing we love better than a seasonal cocktail and something sweet to accompany it, we’ve created quite a few holiday-time treats that’ll make winter hibernation not just tolerable, but delicious as well.

With one of us being Jewish, and the other wishing she was (we’ll let you guess which is which), we’re always annoyed with how few Hanukkah-specific cocktails there are this time of year, especially when compared to the overabundance of Christmas libations and treats. The Chosen Wine cocktail solves that problem, and tastes great to boot! L’chaim!

This deceptively simple recipe is bursting with warming winter flavors like brown sugar, clove simple syrup, hard apple cider and everyone’s favorite cold-weather warmer, bourbon.

Speaking of bourbon, did you know that soaking sliced pears in the oaky liquor and then lining tart dough with those pears makes for a delicious dessert?! It’s also super pretty and easy but looks crazy complicated,

so you’ll impress your friends when you serve it. Speaking of serving it, may we suggest a spoonful of spiked whipped cream on top? Okay, now we’re drooling.

The day we realized how wonderfully jam and booze played together was a spiritual awakening for us, not unlike the Virgin Birth, we’re assuming. If the Wise Men had been in on this secret, we’re pretty sure they would have brought these insanely good cookies as gifts, instead of boring old frankincense and myrrh.

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