Review: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy OREOs

By: Cooking Channel Staff

Since you won't be able to get a hold of them yourself until next month*, we thought you could taste these new limited-edition flavors vicariously through us, as we had some samps sent to the office (the creamy perks of running a food blog). Here's how the Cooking Channel and Food Network editors' taste buds and brains reacted to the taste:

Marshmallow Crispy OREOs
  • Hey, this does taste like rice krispie treats!
  • It's like a sweeter version of regular OREOs, but I'm not picking up the marshmallow.
  • Tastes like buttah.
  • The marshmallow flavor is mostly overpowered by the vanilla cookies, but when you separate the cookie sandwich and taste just the frosting, it has a delightful sugary flavor and pleasant rice crispy bits which make it unlike any OREO I’ve ever tasted.
Cookie Dough OREOs
  • This makes me think coffee more than cookie dough.
  • They have a caramel and brown sugar thing going on.
  • This tastes like Baileys Irish Cream; they should have marketed it that way.
  • The filling tastes like a mixture of brown sugar and butterscotch, but I don’t get much cookie dough flavor. Sandwiched between the traditional chocolate wafers, this cookie has an overall very densely chocolate flavor (less pleasant than the more balanced chocolate wafer-vanilla frosting of the the classic OREO).

*Exceptions: 1) You live next to a Dollar General.  2) According to the press release attached to the package, if you tune in to the "hottest music show of the year" on Sunday (this evidently means the Grammys and not Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" video on YouTube), you will see an OREO commercial with a hashtag on the screen which you can tweet to try to win a package.

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