This Detroit Restaurant is Going Full On Radiohead

By: Lawrence Bonk

Readers of this blog have already seen a restaurant entirely dedicated to Beyonce. Some of you may be wondering when an eatery would go all-in for a rock and roll band. Beyonce is great and all, but she's not British with a permanent scowl affixed to her face. That's where Radiohead come in.

The Net is abuzz about a Detroit chef named Kyle Hanley who apparently is presenting a one-night pop-up restaurant called "A Night With Kid A." Guess what the theme is? That's right. Radiohead's 2000 album Kid A. You'll be able to dine on grub inspired by each and every song from the album, with most of them paired with a beer or wine. Unfortunately, the menu does not feature Thom York-shire pudding, Pablo Honey-baked ham or Karma Po-leeks. Da dum dum? Knives out.

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