San Francisco Eatery Creates Uber-Fancy Haute Dog

By: Lawrence Bonk

Well, it's baseball season. There is no better way to celebrate than stuffing our faces with tubes of pork (and occasionally beef.) One California eatery is going one step further, by creating a frank that would be at home near a baseball diamond or a fancy cotillion.

San Francisco's Craftsman and Wolves just unveiled their aptly named Haute Dog. This magnificent mouthful starts with an all-beef hot dog which is then laid ever-so-gently in a freshly baked mustard seed croissant bun. The dog (or dauge) is then topped with grainy mustard and salt and vinegar beet chips. The end result? A sandwich that captures the four main food groups: tang, salt, crunch and crust.

If you happen to be near San Francisco, the Haute Dog is available all day after 10 AM. If you don't happen to be near San Francisco, well, you can always deep-fry some beets and hope for the best.

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