You Wear What You Eat: 9 Cool Outfits Inspired by Food

By: Cooking Channel Staff

Food is a basic human need, but as food obsessives, we aim to elevate our diets to an art beyond the consumption of basic nutrients.  We'll take something very simple, like cheese and bread, and try to figure out ways to make grilled cheese taste more flavorful. The same can be said of fashion. We need to stay warm and sheltered from the elements, but we'll try to do it in a way that makes us look stylish, fly, on point and/or fleek. There are several socioeconomic treatises that can be said on the subject, but the point is, there are people in this world doing very interesting things in both industries. Sometimes, those worlds collide. Here are 9 striking examples of the union of food and fashion.

Lettuce begin
Chex this one out!

To wear this, you probably need to be a little stalky.

Show off that figure.

That print really pops.

When life gives you cool fabric...

This pizza dress cannot be topped.

This outfit is completely nuts.

See, fashion and food go together like two Ps in apparel.

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