Food Bloggers Cooking: Bill Granger

By: Mark Levine

For the uninitiated, Bill Granger is a hot restaurateur, chef and food writer based in Sydney who has created a series of wildly-popular restaurants in Australia and Japan. His recipes are so tasty... bloggers across the globe celebrate him by paying tribute to his dishes.  Since we love Bill AND supremely-talented food people who blog, we thought we'd let the two worlds collide.

Food Bloggers Cooking:  Bill Granger

Perfect ricotta pancakes meet ebelskivers in Trissa's Danish twist on Bill.

Wait until you see the fruit filling motherlode that awaits inside this shortcake...

Almost Bourdain's sexy yet simple adaptation of Bill's Ham and Gruyere French Toast recipe.  Hey -- it's a sophisticated ham and cheese for adults -- or the French -- or both. Craving. One. Now.

What's your FAVORITE simple yet irresistible brunch item?  Share it below...

While waiting for a South Pacific get-away to one of Bill's restaurants, check out Bill's Food and Bill's Holiday on Cooking Channel, beginning May 31st.

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