Cooking Channel 2011 Holiday Wish List

The team stopped by a video shoot to ask a bunch of Cooking Channel's stars what the #1 thing is on their holiday wish list this year. Their answers range from material goods to intangible hopes (like a gift from Mother Nature).

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G. Garvin's #1 Holiday Wish

"We didn't take a family trip this year. My wish list is to go to Paris or Costa Rica. Now that we have [our new son], I can't wait for his first trip. That's what I'm looking forward to most!”

Bobby Deen's #1 Holiday Wish

"That the construction on our house will be finished! We’re renovating a house and it started in February and I just pray that it's done by Christmas. It's been forever. Oh, and for the health and happiness of our family."

Kelsey Nixon's #1 Holiday Wish

"I really want a new mattress. That's when you know you've become an adult. I want one of the Sleep Number ones, which is so dorky, but my husband likes a firm mattress and I like a soft mattress. We currently have a firm mattress and it's killing me! I want the one with the buttons."

Chuck Hughes' #1 Holiday Wish

"My big one is snow! I'm from Montreal and my favorite pastime is hockey. My second favorite is skiing, so wintertime for me is like crunch time. I love the vibe that snow creates, because the whole world kind of slows down. So this year I’m praying for a LOT of snow!"

Mo Rocca's #1 Holiday Wish

"I just want to find the right coffee table. That's all I've ever wanted. Two things that I want: to be self-actualized and to find a coffee table. I'm hoping if I find the right coffee table, I'll feel self-actualized."

Debi Mazar's + Gabriele Corcos' #1 Holiday Wishes

Gabriele: "Motorcycle. Well, another motorcycle. I want to travel the States with a bike. I'm constantly fantasizing about more motorcycles and more gear. To me, it's like fashion is for women. It's my thing.”

Debi: "My big dream now is to have another home in New York. Since we moved from California we've been renting, so I'm dreaming about decorating and being able to buy a beautiful sofa. I don't want a new pocketbook — I don't care about that stuff anymore.” 

Roger Mooking's #1 Holiday Wish

"My wife entered this lottery for a new house, so it would be wicked to win the house. And, peace on earth!"

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