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How to Cook Rice

Would you believe some Chinese chefs can't even cook rice properly? Ching's rules will help you cook it perfectly every time.

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Chinese Pantry Must-Haves

When Ching visits New York's King Yum, she introduces the chef to Chinese five-spice powder as one of many easy ways to make dishes have punch and flavor.
Get Ching's Essential Chinese Cooking Ingredients

Know Your Chinese Protein

While Chinese consume standard proteins such as chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork and shellfish just like in the West, there are certain sources of protein that originated specifically from China.
Ching's Guide to Shark's Fin, Chinese Sauage and More

Regional Chinese Cooking Explained

There are over 34 different regions in China with lots of different cuisines. Climate and the people that are indigenous to those regions inform the food.
The Story Behind Chinese Food

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