David Rocco Bio

Executive producer, producer, best-selling author and celebrity chef David Rocco is probably best known as the host of his latest TV series, David Rocco’s Dolce Vita.

With a little help from the gorgeous backdrop of Italy and the local foodies, David has been bringing sexy back to the kitchen, cooking beautiful, simple and rustic dishes that anyone can master. His focus is casual Italian cooking that makes the cuisine one of the healthiest and arguably most popular in the world.

In four seasons, and more than 52 episodes and counting, David has shown his viewers the true sense of dolce vita, which to David is all about connecting with family and friends over a meal. From his urban flat in Florence to a 14th century farmhouse in Chianti, or on trips to the stunning Amalfi coast and Sicily, David has championed the seasonal and sensual simplicity of Italian food.

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita is seen in more than 150 countries worldwide, including Food Network Canada, BBC Food, Discovery Travel and Leisure, Nat Geo Adventure Channel and Cooking Channel.

The series has also spawned a best-selling cookbook (HarperCollins Canada), which won a Canadian Gourmand award, and a companion soundtrack (Universal Music). David was also named one of Canada’s 20 Stylemakers by Canada’s national fashion magazine Flare. David’s first television series, Avventura, an Italian travel and food program, is still seen in syndication in more than 40 countries.

David has also collaborated with the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation to create heart healthy Mediterranean recipes; and in 2009, the Ontario Provincial government in Canada, to help develop cooking programs for students and encourage kids to get into the kitchen.

David lives in Toronto and Florence with his wife and business partner, Nina Rocco, and their twin daughters, Emma and Giorgia.



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