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Find the most important ingredients for French cooking.

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Beef Bourguignon

Pork Chops with Red Onion Confit

Cherry Tart

Oysters with Pickled Shallot

Vegetable Terrine

Chris Mooney's Sardine Tartines Platter

Pan-Fried Fennel

Souffleed Spinach Omelet

Maitre d'Hotel Butter

Parsley and Parmesan Petal Salad

Salad with Nasturtiums and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Fresh Blueberry Tart

Squished Baby Potatoes

Shrimp in Mayonnaise

Brie and Butter Baguette Sandwich

Slow-Baked Honey Wine Pears

Pea Green Soup

Honey Fleur de Lys

Coeur a la Creme

Baked Apples with Caramel Sauce

Pain Perdu

Petits Fours

Tarte Tatin

Savoury Swiss Chard Tart

Beer Bird with Celeriac Puree

Angel Cake with Blackberries and White Currants

Salt and Savory Biscuits

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