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Razor Clams in Coconut Broth

Chicken Cooked in Ginger: Ga Ban Kho Gung

Beef Tossed with Wild Betel Leaf and Lemongrass: Bo Xao La Lot

Water Spinach and Fermented Soy Beans

Warm Mango and Prawn Salad

Char Grilled Lobster with Spicy Sate Sauce: Tom Hum Nuong Sate

Khmer Beef Skewers

Young Jackfruit and Tofu Salad: Goi Mit Dau Hu

Kohlrabi and Buffalo Salad: Trau Xao Xu Hao

Luang Prabang Salad

Pan-Seared Scallops in Seaweed Butter

Gateau Basque

Asparagus with Mousseline Sauce

Pippies Wok Tossed With Chile and Asian Basil: Nhieu Xao Rau Que

Mantis Prawns Steamed In Beer: Bi Bi Hap Beer

Dalat Market Vegetables, Cooked In a Clay Pot with Soy and Tofu: Rau Cu Tay Cam

Razor Clam Salad: Goi So Mong Tay

Mai Chau 'Armpit Pig' Roasted On A Spit: Heo Cap Nach Nuong

Wild Shitake Mushroom and Choko Leaf Stir Fry: Nam Xao La Su Su

Eel, Char Grilled In Lemongrass and Turmeric: Luon Nuong Xa

Tamarind Crab

Green Mango and Dried Anchovy Salad: Goi Kho Ca Com Xoai Song

Citrus Cured Sardine Salad

Char Grilled Pork Sausage Skewers Wrapped in Rice Paper and Fresh Herbs: Nem Nuong

Green Mango Salad with Tiger Prawns

Vietnamese Steak Tartare