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Green Mango and Dried Anchovy Salad: Goi Kho Ca Com Xoai Song

Char Grilled Pork Sausage Skewers Wrapped in Rice Paper and Fresh Herbs: Nem Nuong

Red Dzao Salmon Steam Boat: Lao Ca Hoi Dzao Do

Mekong School Prawns Stir Fried with Pork Belly and Spring Onions: Tep Rang Ba Roi

Wok Tossed Mud Crab with Sate Sauce: Cua Xao Sate

Slow Roasted Goat with Lemongrass, Chiles and Preserved Bean Curd

Green Papaya Salad with Prawn and Pork: Goi Du Du Tom Thit

Char Grilled Sapa Black Chicken in Galangal: Ga Den Nuong Rieng

Steamed Sticky Rice Cakes with Banana

Green Mango Salad with Tiger Prawns

Vietnamese Steak Tartare

Chicken Slow Braised in Green Peppercorns and Coconut Juice

School Prawns Wok Tossed In Shrimp Paste: Tom Kho Danh

Handmade Rice Noodles Filled With Pork and Wood Ear Mushrooms: Banh Cuon Nong

Char Grilled Salmon Salad

Razor Clams in Coconut Broth

Chicken Cooked in Ginger: Ga Ban Kho Gung

Beef Tossed with Wild Betel Leaf and Lemongrass: Bo Xao La Lot

Khmer Beef Skewers

Snakehead Fish Smoked In Rice Straw

Hue Pancake: Banh Khoai

Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish

Fermented Fish and Pork Terrine

Pippies Wok Tossed With Chile and Asian Basil: Nhieu Xao Rau Que

Mantis Prawns Steamed In Beer: Bi Bi Hap Beer

Crispy Fried Elephant Fish with Ginger Fish Sauce: CA Tai Tuong Chien Xu

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