Guide: Salumi & Italian Meats

You can find cured meats all around the world, but nowhere is the tradition as rich as in Italian cuisine.

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Beef Rolls: Bracioline

Linguine with Crab, Radicchio, and Garlic

Pistachio Almond Nougat: Torroncini

Spaghetti with Toasted Bread Crumbs, Oregano and Italian Parsley

Pizza Margherita

Oven-Baked Penne with Eggplant: Penne al Forno con Melanzane

Risotto with Asparagus and Speck

Zuppa di Lenticchie with Salame and Crostini

Weed Shaped Pasta with Sausage Ragu: Gramigne con la Salsiccia

Duck Stew Foggia Style with Olives, Fennel Seeds and Tortiera

Cacciuco alla Livornese

Veal Pockets in the Style of Valle d'Aosta: Portafoglie alla Valdostana

Milk Croquettes: Crocche di Latte

Neapolitan Toasts (Crostini Napoletani)

Basic Tomato Sauce

Donzelline with Prosciutto and Stracchino

Sweet Venetian Pizza: Pinza

Anatra al Sale (Duck in Salt Crust)

Warm Asparagus with a Black Pepper Parmesan Zabaglione

Classic Pizza Napolitana

Stuffed Peppers with Calamari: Papriche Stufate



Batu (Preserved Duck from Piacenza)

Candied Citrus Zest

Scallops with Mushrooms

Minestrone Col Pesto

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