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Salami Salad with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Confit of White Beans with Roasted Tomato and Orecchiette Fagioli all'Uccelletto

Roasted Tomatoes

Southern Italian Ratatouille

Polenta Poundcake

Grilled Eggplant Pizza

Balsamic-Caramel Sauce over Vanilla Ice Cream

Vampire Blood Drink

Baked Pommes Frites


Limoncello Spritzers

Mini Cheese Sandwiches (Panini With Mozzarella And Olive Tapenade)

Calabrese Broad Beans and Roasted Potatoes

Prime Rib-eye Steaks with Mustard Parmesan Crust

Coney Island Iced Tea

Bruschetta with White Beans, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil

Calabrese Antipasto

Mulled Red Wine

Pesto Crushed Potatoes

Pizzettas with Olive Tapenade and Pecorino Cheese

Roasted Banana Boats

Grilled Mangoes with Blue Cheese and Honey

Basil Ice Cream

Panettone Stuffing

Green Eggs and Ham

Whole Roasted Turkeys with Fennel Spice Rub

Veal, Pork and Porcini Bolognese Sauce

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