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Stuffed Chicken Saltimbocca with Arugula and Tomato Salad

Lazy Lasagna with Lamb Ragu, Spinach and Ricotta

Fancy Fisherman's Stew

Jalapeno Chermoula Penne and Flaked Fish

Lamb and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Spaghetti with Chickpea Red Sauce

Chutney Chicken

Spaghetti alla Pescatora

Genovese Red Sauce

Bacon Burger Mac 'n' Cheese

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Mac and Cheese

Quinoa and Vegetable Stuffed Peppers

Chorizo and Chickpea Sauce with Rice Pasta

Spaghetti (Squash)

Mexican Brisket and Biscuits

Ham, Bean and Bacon Soup with Sauerkraut

Rice Pilaf with Chorizo Casserole

Open Faced Sausage, 3 Pepper and Onion Sandwiches with Provolone

French Chicken in a Pot with Drunken Jus and Mashed Camembert Potatoes

Bonnie's Italian Stew

Baked Penne with Sausage, Tomato and Cauliflower

Smoky Spanish Hunter's Chicken

Kielbasa, Potato and Cabbage Soup

Make-ahead Meal 3 Minute Steak Hoagies with Homemade Steak Sauce

Pepita and Pistachio Sauce with Roasted Squash and Whole Grain Penne

Smoky Chicken and Cider

Mediterranean Bean and Bacon Soup