Each of our 50 states has its own food scene and quirky cuisine. So we asked you, our fans, which dish best represents your state. The result? Fifty tasty state recipes and a culinary roadmap of the USA.

  1. Across the Country in 50 State Dishes

    Favorite State Foods

    If you were to go on a cross-country trip, tasting each state’s most iconic dish, what would you find? Join us on a culinary tour of the United States, sampling a bit of local flavor in each of the 50 states.

  2. 1 Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe


    A restaurant in Irondale, Ala., originated this iconic fried dish to make use of abundant unripe green tomatoes.

  3. 2 Alaska Salmon Candy Recipe


    When cured, basted and baked, strips of Alaskan King Salmon become a dry, salty-sweet jerky with just a hint of smoke.

  4. 3 Pork Chimichanga Recipe


    A burrito was once accidentally dropped in the fryer (or so the tale goes), and the crispy, meat-filled chimichanga was born.

  5. 4 Southern Fried Catfish Recipe


    Cook catfish quickly at a very high temperature to produce a crispy, crunchy crust that’s signature of the Arkansas dish.

  6. 5 Fish Tacos Recipe


    Deep-fried, flaked and served with fresh fixin’s, fish tacos are a favorite amongst surfers and southern Californians.

  7. 6 Colorado Chili Verde Recipe


    Serve this thinner, subtly spicy pork chili — richly green thanks to tart, firm tomatillos — with tortilla chips and lime wedges.

  8. 7 New Haven-Style White Clam Pizza Recipe


    In CT, thin-crust pizza is topped with garlic, oregano, olive oil, just a sprinkling of cheese and fresh local clams.

  9. 8 Delaware Vinegar French Fries Recipe


    These tangy boardwalk-inspired spuds are soaked in vinegar, refrigerated and then fried to a golden brown finish.

  10. 9 Key Lime Pie Recipe


    Key limes (abundant in the Florida Keys) react with condensed milk to form this no-bake pie’s thick filling.

  11. 10 Georgia Peach Pie Recipe With Lattice Top


    Sweet, juicy Georgia peaches peek through the woven lattice crust of this sunny pie, flavored with a little sugar and spice.

  12. 11 Hawaii Ahi Poke Recipe


    Serve marinated, diced sashimi-grade ahi tuna with lettuce cups and fried wontons to tap into the spirit of Aloha.

  13. 12 Idaho Finger Steaks Recipe


    Idaho gives us steak’s answer to chicken fingers: double-battered sirloin segments fried and served with BBQ sauce.

  14. 13 Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Recipe


    With a cast-iron skillet and super-hot oven, you can mimic the crispy crust exterior of this layered deep-dish pie.

  15. 14 Indiana Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Recipe


    Marinate pork tenderloin in spiced buttermilk, then bread and fry until it’s crispy and brown to fill this classic Hoosier sandwich.

  16. 15 Grilled Sweet Corn on the Cob Recipe


    Iowa sweet corn doesn’t need much for its natural flavors to shine — simply grill and brush with a bit of garlic butter

  17. 16 Kansas City-Style Ribs Recipe


    Follow KC tradition by starting these tender ribs with a spicy rub and finishing with a complex 15-ingredient barbecue sauce.

  18. 17 Kentucky Hot Browns Recipe


    Bake an open-faced turkey sandwich (topped with bacon and Mornay sauce) to re-create this Louisville classic.

  19. 18 Shrimp Gumbo Recipe


    This 18th century spicy Cajun stew gains flavor from its dark roux and characteristic thickness from sassafras-sourced file.

  20. 19 Lobster Roll Recipe


    This classic seaside sandwich from Maine skips the seasonings and celery, letting the fresh lobster flavor shine through.

  21. 20 Old Bay Steamed Blue Crabs Recipe


    Plentiful Chesapeake Bay blue crabs (meaty male Jimmies, only!) are smothered in Old Bay Seasoning and steamed.

  22. 21 Clam Chowder Recipe


    Serve this creamy milk-based “chowdah” — filled with chunks of potato, bacon and plenty of fresh clams — with oyster crackers.

  23. 22 Michigan Pasty Recipe


    With Cornish and Finnish roots, these popular D-shaped beef and veggie meat pies began as miners’ fuel.

  24. 23 Hotdish Tater Tot Casserole Recipe


    Pronounced “hoddish,” this casserole (creamy veggies topped with crispy tater tots) is perfect for serving at large gatherings.

  25. 24 Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe


    Rich, dense chocolate filling — dark as the banks of the Mississippi river — sits atop a crumbly cookie crust.

  26. 25 Fried Ravioli Recipe


    Crispy on the outside, filled with soft cheese and liberally dipped in marinara sauce: an appetizer we can get behind.

  27. 26 Huckleberry Pie Recipe


    Huckleberries — small round fruits similar to blueberries — are abundant in the Pacific Northwest, and perfect for filling pies.

  28. 27 Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies Recipe


    You’ll find palm-sized meat pies like these all throughout Nebraska — great as a make-ahead lunch or for a potluck.

  29. 28 Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Recipe


    Fill your plate(s), Vegas-style, with varied recipes you might find at one of the bottomless buffets on the strip.

  30. 29 New England Boiled Dinner Recipe

    New Hampshire

    Feed a crowd the NH way with moist, tender corned beef, veggies cooked in beef broth and a tasty horseradish sauce.

  31. 30 Pork Roll Sandwich With Egg and Cheese Recipe

    New Jersey

    For an authentic Jersey breakfast, layer pork roll (a SPAM-like meat) with a cheese-smothered egg between toasty buns.

  32. 31 Green Chile Cheeseburger Recipe

    New Mexico

    In New Mexico, chiles — the state veggie — are mixed to form a relish and thrown atop burgers with ample cheese.

  33. 32 Buffalo Wings Recipe

    New York

    Try a healthier baked version of the spicy, tangy (usually fried) wings with blue cheese sauce that hail from Buffalo.

  34. 33 Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich Recipe

    North Carolina

    Our vinegar-based pulled pork sauce is as tangy as any North Carolinian would expect, plus a little sweet and spicy to boot.

  35. 34 Lefse Potato Crepes Recipe

    North Dakota

    Thin, delicate potato crepes are browned in a skillet, spread with butter and sugar, and rolled into a tube for frequent consumption.

  36. 35 Peanut Butter Buckeyes Recipe


    These no-bake peanut butter and chocolate balls are crafted to look like the nuts that fall from the Ohio Buckeye tree.

  37. 36 Crispy Cornmeal Okra Recipe


    Crisped to a golden brown, fried okra is an irresistible snack enjoyed in Oklahoma and all throughout the South.

  38. 37 Marionberry Pie Recipe


    Tart, conical marionberries (like blackberries, but sweeter) turn reddish when cooked inside a perfect crumb-topped pie.

  39. 38 Philly Cheese Steak Recipe


    In Philly, the big cheese steak debate — sliced cheese or canned Cheese Whiz? — goes on between rival restaurants.

  40. 39 Frozen Lemonade Recipe

    Rhode Island

    Squeeze this sweet-tart treat (think icy dessert crossed with a drink) out of a cup — no spoon! — like the Rhode Island folk do.

  41. 40 Shrimp and Grits Recipe

    South Carolina

    Grits (thick ground corn) form a bed for fresh-from-the-sea shrimp and other mix-ins, like bacon, garlic and lemon.

  42. 41 Chislic Recipe

    South Dakota

    This unique state dish calls for cubed red meat to be deep-fried, dipped in garlic salt and served with saltines.

  43. 42 Memphis Dry-Rub Ribs Recipe


    Marinate ribs overnight with a complex rub and then cook until they develop a rich, dark crust. Optional BBQ sauce included.

  44. 43 Texas Brisket Recipe


    The king of Texas BBQ (and there’s plenty) is the Texas brisket, coated with mustard and a spicy rub and smoked for nine hours.

  45. 44 Funeral Potatoes Recipe


    This grim-sounding casserole is anything but: onions, garlic and cream topped with melted cheese and crunchy cornflakes.

  46. 45 Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie Recipe


    Sweet-tart apples meet sharp Vermont cheddar in this classic New England take on the favorite fall pie.

  47. 46 Virginia Ham Biscuits Recipe


    Salty country ham slices are covered with honey mustard and sandwiched between Southern-style chive-speckled biscuits.

  48. 47 Cedar-Planked Salmon Recipe


    Give salmon woodsy, smoky flavor by brushing the fish with a marinade and then broiling atop soaked, browned cedar planks.

  49. 48 Pepperoni Roll Recipe

    West Virginia

    Re-create the West Virginia convenience store snack by filling dough pockets with shredded mozzarella and a pepperoni stick.

  50. 49 Bratwurst Stewed With Sauerkraut Recipe


    Bratwurst (ground meat sausages that are grilled or pan-fried) are served with tangy sauerkraut on a baguette.

  51. 50 Chicken Fried Steak Recipe


    In Wyoming, steak is tenderized, dredged in an egg mixture and flour, then pan-fried until it has a crispy, breaded exterior.

  52. D.C. Chili Half Smoke

    Washington D.C.

    In D.C., giant, smoky hot dogs are split in half, grilled and piled high with a chunky chopped onion chili. A capital meal, indeed.

  53. Election Cake

    Bonus: Election Cake

    Celebrate your democratic spirit by baking this historic yeasted Bundt cake (a spiced holiday bread meets coffee cake) covered in confectioners’ glaze.

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