Food lovers go crazy for Italian, where simple dishes, high-quality ingredients and lots of passion rule the table. From pizza and pasta to sauces and sides, these are our favorite ways to cook, savor and enjoy the best of Italian cuisine.

  1. 1 Bruschetta Pizzaiola

    Get Started!

    A little something to whet the appetite,antipasti translates to “before the meal.” Begin your feast with these small bites, from simple roasted peppers to Italian salads and crispy bruschetta.

  2. 2 Kisses in the Kitchen

    Kisses in the Kitchen

    Los Angeles meets Tuscany as Debi Mazar and her hubby Gabriele Corcos share their love of authentic Italian food and of each other in Extra Virgin.

  3. 3 Pasta Perfect

    Pasta Perfect

    Serve it as a first course—or primo—like the Italians do, or as a satisfying main. Either way, our collection of pastas is perfect for dinner tonight.

  4. 4 Homemade Pasta How-To

    Homemade Pasta How-To

    You don't have to be an Italian grandmother to cook like one. Kelsey's step-by-step instructions make it easy.

  5. 5 Handmade Sauces

    Handmade Sauces

    David Rocco shares authentic techniques for making sauces simple and delicious.

  6. 7 Amazing Mains

    Amazing Mains

    The stars of the show, secondi—or second courses—are simply-prepared dishes of fish, chicken and meat. Serve them as part of a big meal or on their own.

  7. 8 Giada's Family Favorites

    Giada's Family Favorites

    Giada grew up in a large Italian family where food was always at the center of life. Bring her family’s recipes to yours.

  8. 9 Sweet Endings

    Sweets Endings

    The meal isn’t over in Italy until something sweet, or dolce, hits the tongue. Go simple with fresh fruit and biscotti, or step it up with a rich Italian indulgence.

  9. 10 Bring It All Together

    Bring It All Together

    Gather your family and friends for a multi-course meal, just like they serve in Italy.

  10. 11 Pizza and Panini

    Italian Fast Food: Pizza and Panini

    Recreate Italian street foods like thin, crispy pizza and pressed panini in your own kitchen with these authentic recipes.

  11. 12 Plan Your Trip to Italy

    Plan Your Trip to Italy

    Don’t take our word for it—plan your own trip to Italy and taste the very best! David Rocco shares his list of favorite things to do when in Rome.




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