We have the holiday cookie recipes, step-by-step directions and baking tips to help you rock the cookie swap or bake the best holiday gifts, ever.

  1. 1 Cooking Channel Cookie Recipes

    All-Star Cookie Recipes

    Spiced jam sandwiches, booze-spiked bites and peppermint-crumble-topped cookies: Only the creative minds of our chefs could concoct such surprising sweets.

  2. 2 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

    Our 35 Most-Popular Cookies

    Try our top highest-rated, most-viewed, tried-and-true cookies for your holiday cookie plate.

  3. 3 5 Cookie Recipes from 1 Dough

    5 Recipes from 1 Dough

    Kelsey Nixon demos how one basic dough can be transformed into five flavored, seasonally shaped holiday cookies.

  4. 4 10 Clever Cookie Recipes from Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith

    Game-Changing Cookies

    Buck tradition by baking Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith's twisted holiday treats, like gingerbread "kidz" with a Caribbean attitude.

  5. 5 How to Make a Gingerbread House

    The Gingerbread Village

    Get step-by-step instructions on building a gingerbread house (and its inhabitants!), plus get decorating inspiration.

  6. 6 How to Throw a Cookie Party

    Throw a Cookie Swap Party

    Get decorating ideas and recipes for a wintry cookie swap, plus tips on how much to bake and more.

  7. 7 Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes

    Gluten-Free Goodies

    These cookies are friendly to those avoiding gluten –– but will be loved by your most discerning sweets lovers.

  8. 8 Favorite Cookies from Food Bloggers

    Food People's Crazy Cookies

    We asked food bloggers we love to share their inspired twists on cookie classics, like these Christmas Circus Cookies.

  9. 9 Pecan Jewel Cookies with Spicy Jam Filling


    Inject savory flavor into your cookies with a spiced jam, a la Nadia G, or by working Parmesan and pepper into the dough.

  10. 10 Spritz Cookies + More Christmas Cookies

    Stick to Tradition

    It wouldn't be Christmastime without these classics: stars, spices, shortbread and spritz cookies galore.

  11. 11 How to Decorate Cookies

    How to Decorate Cookies

    Using just a few simple ingredients and tools, you can decorate cookies that look like they were baked professionally.

  12. 12 Eggnog Shortbread Cookies

    Not Your Average Shortbread

    Bourbon-glazed triangles, maple and pecan stacks or lemon-cranberry bars: Why settle for simple vanilla?

  13. 13 How to Make Stained Glass Cookies

    I-Can't-Believe-They're-Not-Glass Cookies

    These remarkable cookies filled with crushed candies are as beautiful as colored glass when they're held up to the light.

  14. 14 Unique Cookie Recipes

    Bake Outside the Box

    Wow loved ones with sandwich cookies, salty twists and these cayenne pepper-spiked cocoa favorites.

  15. 15 Cookie and Cocktail Recipes

    Cookies + Cocktails

    Get in the holiday spirit by pairing cookies with spiced, mulled or simply sweet cocktails and mocktails.

  16. 16 Double Ovens on Cooking Channel

    Dessert 2.0

    Dessert masters Zac Young and Yigit Pura prep sweets like chocolate chip, sea salt and caramel ice cream sandwiches.

  17. 17 Striped Christmas Tree Cookies

    Striped Sugar Cookies

    Bake pretty red-, green- and white-striped trees, bells and other shaped cookies for a festive finish to your Christmas meal.

  18. 18 Bar Cookie Recipes

    Bar Cookie Bonanza

    Layers of flavors, crunchy crumbles and powdered sugar toppings –– what's not to love about these dense bar cookies?

  19. 19 How to Make Mini Gingerbread  Houses

    Mini Gingerbread Houses

    Downsize the gingerbread mansion (and effort required) by assembling these super-easy, single-serving miniatures.

  20. 20 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

    Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

    No two chocolate chip cookie recipes are the same, and we've compiled our very best for your gratuitous consumption.

  21. 21 Celebrity Holiday Cookies

    Celebrities Bake — Just Like Us

    Some of our favorite actors, singers, public figures — and monsters — share their family cookie recipes.

  22. 22 How to Make Peppermint Macarons

    Peppermint Twist

    Taking inspiration from the iconic candy cane, these delicate red and white macarons are dressed in their holiday finest.

  23. 23 Tips for Baking Better Cookies

    How to Bake Better Cookies

    Tired of burned, dry or crumbly cookies? Follow our simple tips and techniques for turning out perfect cookies every time.

  24. 24 How to Make Meringue Cookies

    Can You Do the Meringue?

    Watch videos on making meringue cookies and more helpful how-tos from favorite Cooking Channel chefs.




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