Creamy Mushrooms

This is a small snack or a lovely little starter. Feel free to use this recipe with any good eating mushrooms you can get your hands on. I've noticed that it seems to be compulsory around the world to cook wild mushrooms simply, in a pan with butter, oil, garlic, some sort of herb, salt, and pepper. I can't argue with that method - it does give delicious results - but the nice thing about this recipe is that with all the juices that naturally cook out of the mushrooms and mix with the butter, you only need to add a touch of cream to get a sauce that gives the illusion of being really creamy when it's actually not. I think this is best served bubbling in the pan with some chunks of bread, but it could also become a layer in a lasagne, be spooned over steak or pork, get tossed with pasta or be paired with beef strips and rice for a sort of stroganoff. What a treat.