Attention, food people: We're celebrating in-the-kitchen adventures of dynamic proportions. From fermenting kimchi to making from-scratch bacon and baking some seriously creative cakes, the options are almost endless. Ready to pick your passion project?

For the Love

of Cooking

Scratch the surface of from-scratch cooking by folding pretty pleats into homemade Japanese gyoza.

Weekend Cooking Projects
Step-by-Step: Make Japanese Gyoza

You're Eating It Wrong

You're Eating It Wrong

Prepare to have your mind blown as Dan Pashman pokes holes in the way we eat foods like pizza, chicken wings and more.

The Perfect Pizza-Eating Technique

School For Your Fuel

What is Molecular Gastronomy?

Molecular Gastronomy

Rebel Eats star and creative culinary man Justin Warner demystifies this transformative field of food science.

Spheres and Dirts and Gelatin –– Oh, My!

Alton Brown's Cooking Science

For the Most-Curious Cooks

Ready for This Jelly

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Save seasonal fruit in the form of sweet, spreadable preserves.

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Lay On the Sauce

Maple-Bourbon Ketchup

Add spice and sweetness to dishes with these better-than-bottled condiments.

Maple-Bourbon Ketchup

Artisanal Liqueur

Debi + Gabriele's Limoncello Recipe

Brew your own booze by steeping fruit and herbs in alcohol.

5-Star Limoncello

Custom Carbs

Homemade French Baguettes

Rise to the occasion by baking buns, quick breads and crusty baguettes.

French Baguettes

I Want Candy

How to Make Chocolate Fudge

Willy Wonka's got nothing on you and your homemade confection creations.

Make Chocolate Fudge

Potted Pleasures

How to Make Lemon-Lime Mousse

Serve spoonable sweets in clear jars for cute, single-service presentation.

Lemon-Lime Mousse

Spread the Love

How to Make Nutella

Grab a knife –– or maybe just a spoon –– to savor these spreads. We won't judge.

How to Make Nutella

Dough Nuts

How to Make Fresh Pasta

Fresh doughs make all the difference in these easier-than-you'd-think recipes.

Make Fresh Pasta

Good To Know: In the Garden

Good to Know: In the Garden

Create your own farm-to-table (and table-decorating) ecosystem with some smart gardening tactics.

Make Eggshell Seed-Starter Pots

It's a Garden Party




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