Mary Jane's Pork Adobo

From Max's Mom, Mary Jane: I started making pork adobo back in the Philippines in 1975, when I first met my husband Mark. Eating good local food was a big part of our courtship and happy marriage of the last 36 years. Many consider adobo to be the "National Dish" of the Philippines, because it is so popular and easy to prepare with a long storage life. Adobo is not limited to pork only, but you can also use chicken, seafood, meats or a vegetable medley. After living for more than 30 years in Indonesia, fresh ginger has snuck into my original Filipino recipe, which adds another layer of flavor. Indonesian "Adobo" is called Babi Kecap, and was always the favorite meat dish of my sons, Max and Alex. Cooking this recipe in a barrel oven superbly enriches the deep rich flavor of the sauce, and created a wonderful, glazed meat that everyone will love.

Recipe courtesy Max and Eva Edleson, Build Your Own Barrel Oven
Show: Man Fire Food Episode: Outrageous Ovens

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