How to Cook Steak at Home

Get the best sizzling steak recipes and steak grilling tips from the chefs at Cooking Channel.
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Craving a seared, juicy steak, but don't feel like paying steakhouse prices? You can make your own five-star restaurant-worthy steak by following these simple tips. 

How to Cook Steak at Home

1. Porterhouse, New York strip and rib-eye are all super-flavorful cuts, making them great choices for at-home grilling. 

2. Before cooking your steaks, let them come to room temperature to promote even cooking. 

3. Season your meat generously with salt and pepper before grilling, and press the spices into your steaks with the palm of your hand to form a flavorful crust.

4. When small beads of juice form on the surface of your steak, it's ready to flip.

5. To get steakhouse-worthy grill marks, rotate your steak 90 degrees halfway through the cooking process. Watch how here.  

Recipes for the Best Steak Ever:

WATCH: Secrets of Sizzling Steaks

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