Pizza on the Grill

Craving pizza but don’t want to turn on your oven? Fire up the grill! There’s nothing quite like pizza on the grill, with a perfectly charred crust, gooey cheese and the freshest seasonal toppings. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tips for Making Great Grilled Pizza:

1. When rolling out your dough, start from the center and move outward. Handle the dough as little as possible to avoid a tough crust.

2. To prevent sticking, brush the dough with a light coating of olive oil just before grilling.

3. Think outside the box. Use creamy herbed cheese or pesto instead of tomato sauce, and garnish your pizza with simply dressed baby greens like arugula or spinach.

Great Grilled Pizza Recipes to Try:

WATCH: Secrets of Grilled Pizza

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