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Get a taste of Chinese cuisine with 5 of Ching's must-try recipes.

Quick Shrimp Lo Mein

True to its name, the prep and cook times total in at just 30 minutes. Ginger, white pepper, garlic and various oils give the noodles a salty yet light taste.

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Egg, Baby Asparagus, Corn and Shimeji Mushroom Fried Rice

Fluffy fried eggs, meaty shimeji mushrooms and fresh vegetables add flavor and texture to the popular takeout classic.

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Drunken Chicken Noodles

Influenced by the Chinese living in Laos and Thailand, these noodles use rice wine to help form the flavor and consistency, and is thought to be the origin of the meal's name.

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"Buo-Luo Ji" Sweet and Sour Chicken

Ketchup, soy sauce, rice wine and vinegar give the dish a sour flavor, while brown sugar and pineapple juice add sweetness and stickiness. This Cantonese takeout favorite tastes best with fresh pineapple.

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Spiced Chicken and Shrimp "Egg" Rolls

Ching spices up the classic Chinese-American egg roll with a fried, double-wrapped egg "crepe" spring roll. Stuff the appetizer with Chinese five-spice-scented chicken and crunchy vegetables bursting with fresh flavors.

Get the Recipe: Spiced Chicken and Shrimp "Egg" Rolls

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