How to Chill Wine Fast

Guests due in 10 minutes, and the wine's not chilled? Don't worry, there's a trick to chilling it super-fast.

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Chilling Wine in Metal Bucket

Place the wine bottle in an ice bucket or large pot. Fill the bucket with ice.

Icing Down Bottle of Wine

Add water to the bucket.

Add Rock Salt to Ice Bucket for Chilling Wine

Stir in a few handfuls of salt — any kind will do. The salt causes the ice to melt at a lower temperature, which results in the water becoming colder much faster, cutting chilling time by 1/3. Twist the bottle every few minutes; in 10 minutes the wine will be perfectly chilled.

Chilling Drinks for Party

You can use this method with any bottle you want to get cold fast: soda, lemonade, beer — you name it.

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