How-To: Creamed Spinach with Phyllo Crust

Get tips for working with this pie's unique homemade dough.

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Working with Phyllo

Phyllo dough is delicate, and can tear easily when dry. Covering the layers with a damp paper towel keeps them moist until you need them.

Get the Recipe: Creamed Spinach with Phyllo Crust

Lift Each Layer Slowly

When separating phyllo dough, lift the corners with your fingers and gently peel the top layer back slowly.

Brush with Butter

Lightly brush the top of each layer with the melted butter.

Fit Each Layer Carefully

Gently place each layer on top of the pie dish and crumple the edges to fit.

Ensure a Golden Crust

Phyllo is already flaky, but the melted butter ensures that your crust gets beautifully browned while baking.

Alternate Layering

Layer the phyllo in alternating directions for rustic, crumply-looking edges all around your pie.

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