Best Super Bowl Food Commercials

Besides that whole football thing, the Super Bowl is all about advertisements. It’s the one day of the year we don’t get annoyed when forced to watch commercials, instead letting them stampede over us like a team of Clydesdales. Through the years there have been some amazing food-related ads premiering during the Super Bowl. After all, we gotta eat. Here is a list of the best ones.

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Betty White Snickers 2010

The secret to Betty White’s longevity in both Hollywood and life? Snickers, obviously. Well, that and having sex with lots of younger men (her words, not ours).

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Cindy Crawford Pepsi 1992

This Pepsi ad pretty much made Cindy Crawford the “it” girl of the early '90s, causing Waynes and Garths everywhere to schwing mightily.

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Man's Best Friend Doritos 2012

Every man has his price. For this guy, it was two tiny bags of Doritos. He could have at least held out for a family-size bag, or one of those tacos.

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Jordan vs. Bird McDonald's 1993

If there’s one thing champion athletes need to keep their bodies running at maximum efficiency, it’s the healthy food found at McDonald’s. Rumor has it that Jordan chomped two Big Macs before every game.

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Wasssuppp?! Budweiser 2000

We could make a whole separate list of classic Budweiser Super Bowl ads, but we’ll just stick with the one that ruined phone calls for you all throughout the year 2000.

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Ray Charles Diet Pepsi 1991

Where would we be as a society without being able to say, “you’ve got the right one, baby,” for absolutely no reason at all to nobody in particular? Nowhere, that’s where.

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Ninja Doritos 2010

If you’ve ever wanted to make a full-body costume out of nacho chips and then run around town pretending to be a ninja, this is the ad for you.

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Bob Dole Pepsi 1996

During the 1996 election, Bob Dole was known as something of a “no-fun Mcboringpants.” After the 1996 election, however, he got pretty darn funny. He showed off this new sense of humor on SNL, in Viagra ads (really) and in some sweet Pepsi spots.

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Mosquito Tabasco 1998

Nobody knew Tabasco even had the money for a Super Bowl spot, let alone one so memorable.

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Where's the Beef? Wendy's 1984

Is there any one Super Bowl commercial that has had more of a pop culture impact than Wendy’s classic 1984 spot? Can you imagine what a viral sensation that cool lady would have been if it had been made in the YouTube era? She’d be bigger than Grumpy Cat.

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Sexy and I Know It M&M's 2012

This commercial finally answered the lingering question of what M&M’s look like naked. Of course, those of us who regularly sucked the shell off before chewing the chocolate already knew.

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Mean Joe Green Coke Classic 1979

This could be the one that started it all –– the very first “viral” Super Bowl ad. Of course, virality in 1979 depended a lot on 8-track cassette players and this mustached dude named Shirtless Wayne.

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Wonderful Pistachios PSY 2013

If there is any one product we all imagined PSY would eventually shill for, it was, of course, pistachios. If only there was a salsa called “Hey, Sexy Lady!”

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Nanerpus Denny's 2009

Rob Huebel, aka that dude from like a thousand hilarious shows, loans his voice to some kind of banana/pancake monster dude in this bizarre 2009 spot for Denny’s.

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