Belly Up!: Pubs Remodeled

Chef Eddie Russell gives struggling bars and pubs new life with new looks.

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Photo By: Greg Wahl-Stephens ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Greg Wahl-Stephens ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Greg Wahl-Stephens ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Chef Eddie Russell is on a mission to help struggling watering holes get back on their feet. He's making over the food, and he's also giving the decor a reboot to entice more customers.

Eddie starts with the outside by changing Hideway West's dark and dull sign.

The new awning boasts a cool new font and bright pop of red.

Before Eddie swooped in, the interior of Hideaway West was dimly lit and cluttered.

Eddie brightens up the spot with more lighting, and he adds a fun deco design to each tabletop.

He also crafts new centerpieces out of repurposed wood and glass.

To give the menu board extra flair, but still maintain a sports bar atmosphere, specials are written on a roll of butcher paper.

At his next makeover destination — the Pickle Barrel in Tennessee — Eddie starts by getting rid of the uncomfortable bar chairs.

He sands down the counter and swaps in metal stools to give the bar area a rustic, industrial look.

The rest of the wood-clad room is also in need of an update.

A few red chairs and new lighting fixtures brighten up the space.

With its cartoon pickles and huge font, the old menu was a bit too kitschy. 

The new menu is sleek but still playful, with the new Pickle Barrel logo featured prominently on top.

Portland, Oregon's Foggy Notion bar is also in desperate need of change — just take a look at the dull and dated game area.

To bring the space into the modern age, Eddie adds a cool graphic mural and QR code for mobile check-ins.

Foggy Notion calls itself a kick-ass music joint, but the dark stage certainly doesn't feel like it.

The new cork-lined walls and giant record make this a stage that audiences will remember.

Eddie also puts some quirky graphic art around the bar.

In Seattle, Eddie gets a call to work his magic on nautical-inspired hangout, the Thirsty Fish.

Adding some bright seat cushions and throw pillows makes the dining room much more inviting.

Eddie also makes sure that owner Louis Uhm's fish-themed art is properly displayed after the renovation.

The new logo riffs on the bar's name and features a fish diving into a pint of beer.

At Cork — which later changes its name to Cannon — a few simple design changes help with the overall improvements.

The outdated red tables are upholstered with a plush black material that's both functional and modern.

The bar is spiffed up with new lighting fixtures made from recycled pipes.

Eddie also notices the back room is badly in need of a paint job.

The end result is a cheerful room that feels like an entirely new place.

To see how Eddie tackles the food and transforms mundane bar bites into innovative pub grub, tune in to Belly Up!

Belly Up!

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