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Join Bobby in his greatest passion: cooking brunch. With a spatula in one hand and a cocktail in the other, Bobby goes from sweet to salty to savory, drawing inspiration for every-occasion brunches from around the country and around the globe. Brunch has never been more inviting.

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Brunch Americain

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

Chef Bobby Flay gives makeovers to some of his favorite All-American dishes. First up, it's dessert for brunch with...more

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Flavors of New England

Airing: 3:00 PM/2:00c

Bobby Flay's brunch takes a culinary trip to New England and features some of the region's best local ingredients. On...more

Recipes from episode:

Best of the Pacific Northwest

Airing: 3:30 PM/2:30c

Bobby Flay shows a little love for an often overlooked culinary destination -- the Pacific Northwest! On today's brunch...more

Recipes from episode:

Brunch for a Bunch

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

When company calls, Chef Bobby Flay is always prepared with this crowd-pleasing brunch menu which includes: a Caramelized...more

Recipes from episode:

Mexican Brunch

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

Chef Bobby Flay has one of his favorite destinations in mind while preparing this colorful and appetizing Mexican brunch....more

Recipes from episode:

Farmer's Market Brunch

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

Chef Bobby Flay takes his favorite green market finds to make a fresh, healthy and delicious weekend brunch. His menu...more

Recipes from episode:

Open House Brunch

Airing: 12:00 PM/11:00c

For Bobby Flay's open house brunch, Bobby's serving an Orange Spiced Crumb Cake, a Citrus Blueberry Salad With Minted...more

Recipes from episode:

A French Countryside Picnic

Airing: 12:30 PM/11:30c

Bobby Flay's in the mood for a French Contryside-style brunch picnic. First up, a Tomato Tart drizzled with an fresh...more

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25 New Ways to Cook Eggs

25 New Ways to Cook Eggs

Whether they're scrambled, boiled, poached or baked, we simply can't get enough of eggs — the perfect protein-packed addition to breakfast, brunch or any old meal.

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