Episode: CCDWM-106H

This week on Come Date With Me, Eastern block beauty and dancing queen Katya Gubarev is looking for Mr. Right to take the lead. Racing to the dance floor to sweep this Ukrainian babe off her feet are four suitors; personal trainer and Thai massage therapist Wil, performer and drama king Dan, self proclaimed man of mystery (whatever that means) Andrew and Scott the model. To help get to know the men, Katya invites them over and serves up a delicious meal of creamy garlic pasta with vegetables and shrimp with pineapple and pistachio pudding for dessert. Although the meal does little to impress the guys, they are head over heels for Katya and are willing to do anything to win her heart - including dancing with each other! At the end of the night, the man with the least rhythm will be sent packing and three men will survive, all hoping to fill Katya's dance card!Dates this week include pretentious wine tasting, a risque sword duel and finally all exhilarating pottery painting! At night, each handsome hunk will host perfect 10 Katya, along with their competition for questionably impressive meals including make your own sushi, duck confit and a picnic! It takes two to tango; so who will be the one to waltz away on a thousand dollar dream date and a babe who knows how to groove?




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