Episode: CCDWM-107H

Things are getting "Wilder" on Come Date With Me this week as Oh So Cosmo TV Host Wilder Weir goes on a quest for romance. This bachelor will have his pick of four lovely ladies including Persian PR princess Sarah, no nonsense rock chick reporter Nadia, not a lot of spice and everything nice Justine and racy red head Rose.To get to know the lovely ladies in waiting, Wilder invites them for dinner, cooked by his (married) lady friend, since he can even burn ice cubes. She dishes out Thai green curry with tofu and apple berry crumble. Wilder is nervous and anxious, which the girls find sweet and endearing. With the ladies all swooning, Wilder takes the opportunity to ask some tough questions, like who has real or fake boobs!? Even more shocking, one lady lets him check for himself! At the end of the night Wilder must send one lady packing and choose only three to spend the rest of the week with.Drops, bumps, bruises and balls are in store for Wilder on his list of dates which include flair bartending, roller skating and bumper ball! Through the week, each lucky lady will host Wilder and their new frienemies for dinner. Oddly, all the ladies serve up some so-so mains and try to sweeten Wilder up with chocolate filled desserts.Which lucky lady will win this love showdown and walk away with thousand-dollar dream date and hunky Wilder's heart?




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