Casino Craziness

Episode: CCDIN-603F

Robert is visiting Mohegan Sun, and his mission is a real gamble. Robert must test his luck at a special Dinner Impossible casino. At stake is everything from the number of people he as to feed, to how many hours he'll have, to what key ingredients he may win or loose for the day. The Mohegan Sun set up a special Dinner Impossible casino just for Robert. He had to spin the roulette wheel to determine how many people he would be feeding - anywhere between 900 to 1,200. To determine how many hours he would have, Robert literally rolled the dice at the craps table. Robert faced his biggest gamble at the Black Jack table. Robert had to play three hands of 21, wagering not cash, but the three most critical ingredients for any chef: oil, salt and sugar. When he won a hand, Robert could use the wagered item. But when he lost, Robert had to figure out how to make thousand of hors d'oeuvres and three course sit-down dinner WITHOUT using the ingredient! Without giving anything away, it's safe to say the odds are always with the house. Add in a special surprise mini mission to make an additional VIP meal in the middle of all the mayhem and you've go one Can Robert turn this gamble into a jackpot meal, or will this be Dinner Impossible. Will Robert's luck win out, or will this be Dinner Impossible?

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