Eat St. Locations List: By Episode

Seeking out the very best curbside eats all over North America, Eat St. is your grease-stained roadmap to the ultimate street food experience.

Show: Eat Street

Eat St., Season 4, Episode 22

Kaboom Box
Head to Vancouver for fresh, west coast seafood to go at the Kaboom Box where Best sellers include a Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon with Maple Mustard Coleslaw and Spicy Mayonnaise!
Facebook: Kaboom Box
Twitter: @TheKaboomBox

Foo Truck
Head to the streets of Philadelphia for savory Asian sandwiches at the Foo Truck, featuring Lemon Grass Chicken with Daikon radish and peanuts plus Beef Meatballs with ginger and water chestnut in a sweet soy glaze.
Facebook: Foo Truck
Twitter: @FooTruck

Three Lions
Cruise into Dallas for the best British bistro on wheels: the Three Lions truck serving up classic Fish ‘n’ Chips and tasty Meat Pies.
Facebook: Three Lions
Twitter: @ThreeLionsTruck

The Lime Truck
The Lime Truck brings internationally inspired handheld delights to the streets of Irvine, Calif., such as a Mexican themed Duck Confit Sope with Brie cheese, créme fraîche ‘n hot sauce and a Filipino inspired Pork Belly Adobo taco with a Tomatillo Pico De Gallo!
Facebook: The Lime Truck
Twitter: @thelimetruck

Eat St., Season 4, Episode 23

Cruise to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for fresh, authentic Indian cuisine to go with the Naaco Truck! Part Naan, part Taco, Naaco’s Spicy Beef Vindaloo with Goat Yogurt Chutney and Corn Shoots is all delicious!
Facebook: Naaco
Twitter: @TheNaacoTruck

Hank Daddy’s Barbecue
Make a pitstop in Toronto for smokin’ hot barbecue at the Hank Daddy’s Cart where you can get a Smoked, Pulled Pork Parfait with mashed potatoes ‘n gravy.
Facebook: Hank Daddy’s Barbecue
Twitter: @HankDaddysBBQ

Ms. Cheezious
Roll into Miami for jaw-dropping Grilled Cheese sandwiches, courtesy of the Ms. Cheezious truck! Fan favorites include a homemade Waffle and Fried Chicken Melt with country sausage gravy and even a creamy Havarti and Cinnamon-spiced Apple dessert sandwich!
Facebook: Ms. Cheezious
Twitter: @mscheezious

Scratch Food Truck
The Scratch Truck is delivering savory Asian-styled sandwiches to the streets of Minneapolis, all made from scratch.
Facebook: Scratch Food Truck
Twitter: @scratchfoodtrk

Eat St., Season 4, Episode 24

The Act
The Act truck is putting on a culinary show of excellence in the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. Here you can dine on a Peanut Butter Cheese Burger with homemade Maple Bacon Jam or a Cajun Halibut Sandwich with fresh lemon dill coleslaw, all worth a standing ovation.
Facebook: The Act
Twitter: @TheActFoodTruck

Jack’s Chowhound
Mosey over to Dallas where Jack’s Chowhound is wranglin’ up savory southern-style sandwiches such as a slow-cooked Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese with smoked Gouda or Spicy Skirt Steak Sliders with fresh pico de gallo.
Facebook: Jack’s Chowhound
Twitter: @JacksChowHound

Sassy Spoon
In Minneapolis the Sassy Spoon is serving up healthy lunches with a side helping of attitude. Best sellers include a hearty Beef Stew with Creamy Cauliflower Mash and a Mixed Vegetable Hash with Shredded Sweet Potato and Chicken Andouille Sausage!
Facebook: Sassy Spoon
Twitter: @SassySpoonTruck

Visit Miami where the Gastropod trailer is delivering hot haute cuisine curbside. Featuring Lamb Fennel Sausage Sliders with goat cheese and Moroccan hot sauce and a Nitro S’more cooked in liquid nitrogen with fresh raspberry, cilantro and homemade marshmallow cream to beat the heat!
Twitter: @gastroPodMiami




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