Each week, Eden Eats , host Eden Grinshpan lands in a new city for her 24-hour around-the-world food adventure. From lunching on Chinese Look Fun Noodles, to a dinner of Brazilian Feijoada, to an early morning breakfast of Croatian Burek pastries, Grinshpan will uncover the global culinary food scene and discover how people from all over the world have re-created their lives and culture through food. Every hour and every step leads to another dish and another country, proving you don't need a passport to taste the world.



Enjoy the cuisines of Mexico, Africa, Cuba, Lebanon and Hungry without ever leaving Austin city limits.
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Learn to cook everything from French classics and Mexican faves to Japanese grilling and Spanish spice.
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Most Popular Recipes

Pani Puri

Doro Wot (Ethiopian National Chicken Dish)

Lebanese Pita

Zaatar Pita Bread

Potato Cepelinai

Colombian Burger

Fish Amok

Pastelitode de Queso: Cuban Puff Pastry With Cream Cheese

Pancit Palabok (Pancit Lug-Lug)

Niter Kibbeh: Ethiopian Spiced Butter

Scotch Eggs

Pierogi Leniwe (Lazy Pierogies)

Bunny Chow

Schoko Nuss (Chocolate-Covered Hazelnuts)

Hungarian Goulash

Taiwanese Bubble Tea


Sogan Dolma (Stuffed Onions)

Kitfo (Ethiopian Steak Tartar)

Tin Mackerel and Boiled Dumplings

Patacon Con Todo

Smoked Tilapia with Pili Pili

Cuban Sandwich Bread

Farikal (Lamb in Cabbage)

Oxtail Borscht and Tongue Salad

Taiwanese Pickle Sandwich

Arepas Reina Pepiada

About the Host

Eden Grinshpan

Eden Grinshpan graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the "Grande Diplome" in both Pastry and Cuisine. After graduating she went to India to volunteer with different organizations, one of them was an orphanage called Ramanas Garden.