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Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, invite you into their home as they share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other.


The Man of Montauk

Airing: 1:30 PM/12:30c

Gabriele has been hired as the executive chef at the Montauk Yacht Club on the southern tip of Long Island. He's there...more

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Airing: 1:30 PM/12:30c

It's early afternoon at the Mazar/Corcos home and Gabriele is grilling a bisteca Fiorentina for Debi. Beside the thick...more

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Boys and Their Bikes

Airing: 9:00 AM/8:00c

Gabriele's brother, Fabio, is about to celebrate a birthday and Gabriele and Debi want to give him a party to remember....more

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The Heart of Florence

Airing: 9:30 AM/8:30c

Debi and Gabriele are in Florence, by the Arno River, where they kissed for the first time eleven years ago. To celebrate...more

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Chianti Romance

Airing: 8:00 PM/7:00c

What's more romantic than Italian wine country? Debi and Gabriele are taking the afternoon to explore the Chianti region,...more

Recipes from episode:

Better Than Bacon

Airing: 8:30 PM/7:30c

Gabrielle has always wanted to visit Colonnata to experience the unique and unbelievably tasty Colonnata lardo; it's...more

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Nonna's 90th Birthday

Airing: 9:00 PM/8:00c

Gabriele's Nonna has turned 90 and he wants to celebrate! Debi and Gabriele head to the local pastry shop to learn how...more

Recipes from episode:

Tuscan Soul Food

Airing: 9:30 PM/8:30c

One of Debi's oldest friends Fab Five Freddy has lived in Harlem for years and wants to show Debi and Gabriele some...more

Recipes from episode:

All About the Girls

Airing: 10:00 PM/9:00c

Family time is a priority to this clan, and Debi and Gabriele always make sure they each have quality time with their...more

Recipes from episode:

Music Man

Airing: 10:30 PM/9:30c

These days Gabriele's known for his cooking, but his other passion has always been music. Debi and Gab are off to the...more

Recipes from episode:


September 25, 1:30pm Extra Virgin The Man of Montauk
September 26, 1:30pm Extra Virgin Meatopia!


September 20, 9:30am Extra Virgin Road Trip to Siena
September 20, 9am Extra Virgin Jetlaggin' in Italy


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Season 3 Photos

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Season 2 Photos

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Season 1 Photos

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Learn more about Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, hosts of Extra Virgin, as they invite you into their home to share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other.

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