Farmers' Market Flip is a deliciously action-packed half-hour cooking competition that puts two teams of chefs' culinary skills to the ultimate test, as they face off to see who can produce the most crowd-pleasing dishes under extreme time constraints over one lightning-fast day! First, the teams get only 30 minutes to race through the farmers' market to buy ultra-fresh ingredients. Then, they'll set-up shop in the Farmers' Market Flip pop-up kitchen, where they'll have only one hour to prep their gourmet delights. After that, the teams must turnaround and sell their dishes to hungry shoppers at the same farmers' market. Once time's up, the team that makes the most money, selling their dishes wins $5,000, and some serious culinary street cred. Presented by Good Morning America Anchor, and Flea Market Flip Host, Lara Spencer.