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Get the full list of stops and shops that taste hunter, Aida Mollenkamp, discovers on FoodCrafters.

Show: FoodCrafters

Episode 10: Snack

North Fork Potato Chips
Named for their Long Island area origins, North Fork Potato Chips produces hearty chips kettle-cooked in healthy sunflower oil, currently in five different flavors.

Nature'z Candyz
Deliciously healthy snacks, Nature'z Candyz' dried fruits are made without preservatives, colors, sugars, or any artificial oils, dyes or flavors.

Tucson Tamale Company
Homemade, these tamales are labors of love, and can be shipped frozen anywhere in the country.

Austin Cornucopia
Made fresh every day and with over forty flavors to choose from, Cornucopia's popcorn creations have something for everyone.

Episode 11: Sugar

Annie the Baker
Everyone knows the best part of making cookies is eating the leftover dough, and Annie the Baker's just-cooked, perfectly chewy cookies cater to just that.

Melville Candy Company
Homemade lollipops, sweet treats on their own, while the custom options provide delightful promotional possibilities.

Mother-daughter pair Donna Gabrilson and Stacey Barnes turn out inspired and addictive gourmet toffee.

Self-taught chocolatier Eric "Johnny" Battles' chocolates and bars are preservative free and all-natural

Episode 12: Cocoa

Native Englishman Ken Wilkinson crafts gourmet ganaches, confections and truffles in historic downtown Calvert, Texas.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
New York City's only bean-to-bar chocolatiers, brothers Rick and Michael Mast make their delicate small batch sweets out of their shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Chuao Chocolatier
Named after the legendary Venezuelan cacao-producing region, Chuao Chocolatier brothers Michael and Richard Antonorsi are committed to producing quality chocolates that reflect their Venezuelan heritage.

Blackbird Naturals
These all-organic truffles were inspired by what-you-eat-is-what-you-are ideals, and as such are sweetened with dates and not refined sugars while the cacao is taken from an intact forest - no deforestation, no harmful agricultureal practices.

Episode 13: Q 

Black's BBQ
All you really need to know is that Black's is the oldest family-owned barbecue restaurant in Texas - they've certainly been doing something right.

Smokin' Joe Jones
Self-described as "The barbecue sauce that makes your tastebuds dance", Smokin' Joe Jones uses a 60-year old, secret family recipe to cook up his sauce.

Caw Caw Creek Farm
With two heirloom breeds of pig and 200 acres of grazing countryside, Caw Caw Creek is committed sustainably and humanely raising happy pigs.

17th Street Bar & Grill
This is the place to go for award-winning barbecue at its best.




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