When it comes to spicy food, people all over the world love to play with fire. Chefs Aarón Sanchez and Roger Mooking sing the joys of the pepper from two distinctly different places in the world: Latin America and Asia. Aarón and Roger will take us on a tour of the hottest foods in the hottest restaurants in the U.S and Canada. It's Chili vs. Kimchee .... may the best spice win.

Hot Hot Hot

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Diablo Pasta with Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Il Diavolo Pizza

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Vato Loco (The Hottest Drink on Earth)

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Bengali Gimlet

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Inferno Soup

Causa Makki

Curry Goat

Habanero Mad Mac

Thai Place Phad Thai Chicken Thai Hot

Framboise and Creole Cream Cheese Ice Cream Float

Tiger Prawns "a la Diabla" with Citrus Salad

The Bloody Joe

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Roger Mooking

Meet Roger Mooking, award-winning musician and host of Man Fire Food.

Aarón Sánchez

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