Hook Line and Dinner Locations List

Scope out all of of Ben Sargent's local seafood finds.

Show: Hook, Line & Dinner
Hook, Line and Dinner, Episode 1 - Miami/Everglades

Coopertown Restaurant
22700 SW 8th Street
Coopertown, FL 33194

Located in a wetland outpost with a population of just eight, Coopertown Restaurant has a reputation throughout southern Florida for the freshness of its 'down-home' style frog's legs-which are caught nightly from the surrounding Everglades.

Garcia's Seafood Grille
398 Northwest North River Drive
Miami, FL 33128

The jewel in the Garcia family's seafood crown, Garcia's Seafood Grille has an advantage over competitors in that they own their own fleet of fishing boats. Don't leave without trying their cuban creole-style lobster. 
919 Dupont Road
Everglades, FL 34139

With their own crabbing fleet, as well as cooking facilities onsite, Grimm's can guarantee the freshest stonecrab in southern Florida. They not only ship fresh crab meat across the country, but also to clients in places as far afield as Japan.

Leebo's Rock Bottom Bar
801 Copeland Ave
Everglades, FL 34139

Known for its raw oysters and fresh local stone crabs, Floridians flock to this popular dive. Local grouper fisherman and owner Leebo Noble is an experience himself, and helps provide one of the principle sources of entertainment at this Everglades City institution.

Hook, Line and Dinner, Episode 2 - Charleston

Bowens Island Restaurant
1870 Bowens Island Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Founded in 1946 by May and Jimmy Bowen, they have since been best known for their local oysters harvested and roasted by lowcountry oystermen who've been practicing their family trade for generations.

TW Graham & Co.
810 Pinckney Street
McClellanville, SC 29458

This casual, family-friendly dining and shopping destination is located in the heart of the shrimping village of McClellanville and serves a must-order poblano pepper stuffed with blue crab.

2124 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

The newest offering from James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock of McCrady's and the Neighborhood Dining Group, its kitchen strives to reinterpret the bounty of the surrounding area, exploring an ingredient-driven cuisine that begins in the rediscovery of heirloom products and redefines what it means to cook and eat in Charleston.

Hook, Line and Dinner, Episode 3 - Bayou

Crazy Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe
1905 Rees St
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

This top-notch cajun restaurant specializes in crawfish and just so happens to be located in the crawfish capitol of the world.

Cajun Claws
1928 Charity Street
Abbeville, LA 70510

Patrons flock to this Bayou mainstay for a serving of their boiled crawfish, and it's no wonder why - they source all of their little shellfish from their own crawfish farm.

Cafe Des Amis
140 East Bridge Street
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

The finest dining establishment in Breaux Bridge, the chef's great great grandfather also happened to have founded the town.
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