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Kelsey Nixon's got spunk, she's got sass, but most importantly, she's got what you so desperately need in the kitchen: The Essentials. From "Roasting" to "Sauce-Making" to "Quick Breads," Kelsey shows you — the DIY home cook — the essential techniques, equipment and foolproof tips you need to be the boss of your own kitchen. Kelsey is all about using the basics to create dishes that are anything but ordinary.

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Essential Ingredients: Recipe by Recipe

Essential Ingredients: Recipe by Recipe

Transform a few key ingredients into unexpected but easy recipes. 

Visual Ingredient Guides

Cooking Fundamentals

Free Culinary School

Free Culinary School

Master your chopping, baking and everyday dinner-making skills with simple kitchen tips.

Cook Like a Pro


Knife Skills

Airing: 9:00 AM/8:00c

Kelsey reveals the secrets to great-looking, great-tasting meals -- it's all in the knives! And there's no better way...more

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Airing: 9:30 AM/8:30c

Kelsey introduces a whole new way of looking at eggs: for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. A flavorful Frittata...more

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After Hour Eats

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

When the city falls asleep some restaurants are just waking up to serve decadent dishes to those looking for a little...more

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September 28, 9am Kelsey's Essentials
September 28, 9:30am Kelsey's Essentials


September 21, 10am Kelsey's Essentials


Videos: Kitchen Basics

Videos: Kitchen Basics

Save money on culinary school with our easy tips on everything from chopping veggies to frosting a cake.

Become a Cooking Pro
Video: Essential Knives

Video: Essential Knives

Kelsey shows you why a good core set of kitchen knives are a chef's most essential tools.

See the Four Knives You Need
How to Slice & Chop

How to Slice & Chop

Learning to use kitchen knives properly can save you time, hassle and Band-aids.

Hone Your Knife Skills
How To Use Herbs

How To Use Herbs

Add color and kick to your dishes with our step-by-step herb techniques

Make the Most of Leafy Herbs.
How to Pick & Store Fish

How to Pick & Store Fish

Learn how to buy the freshest fish, and it will do much of the work for you.

Improve Your Seafood.
How to Defrost Meat

How to Defrost Meat

Make safe use of the chicken, beef and other meats sitting in your freezer.

See How to Thaw Meat, Step-by-Step.
Video: Perfect Pie Crusts

Video: Perfect Pie Crusts

Watch Kelsey blind you with the science of flaky, buttery crusts.

Become a Pie Pro
More Kitchen Tips

More Kitchen Tips

Our original web series Good to Know has more fun how-to's and DIY tips to simplify and inspire your cooking.

Watch Good to Know.

About the Chef

Kelsey Nixon began teaching others to cook in college when she created her own cooking show, Kelsey's Kitchen, emphasizing fast, fun and affordable meals.

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