Luke Nguyen's passion for food leads him out of Asia and into France, a culinary wonderland that shaped his ancestral home, Vietnam, and the lives of so many in his family. Luke unearths a side to the French food culture and lifestyle that has rarely been seen on television. Local characters open their homes and share family recipes, fusing the taste of France with that of Spain, Africa and Vietnam.
Season 1, Episode 1


Luke Nguyen embarks on a culinary journey through the heart of Paris, discovering Parisians' passion for food, decadence and tradition.

Jan 17
7am | 6c
Season 1, Episode 2

Paris II

Luke Nguyen digs deeper into Parisian food culture and life.

Jan 17
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 10

St. Malo

Luke Nguyen experiences life and food on the Loire River before finishing his culinary journey through France in the seaside town of St. Malo.

Jan 17
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 5


Luke Nguyen heads to Lyon, the food capital of France.

Jan 17
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 1, Episode 6


Luke Nguyen heads to Marseille, the capital of Provence, to immerse himself in that city's food and art culture.

Jan 17
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 7


Luke Nguyen heads to Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, to immerse himself in that city's food and art culture.

Jan 17
9:30am | 8:30c

Most Popular Recipes

All Luke Nguyen's France Recipes

Beef Pastry Snails (Fleischnacka)

Vietnamese Steak Tartare

Lemongrass Eel in Coconut Saffron Sauce

Chicken Liver Cake (Gateau Foie de Volaille)

Veal in Red Wine (Veau au Vin Rouge)

Stuffed Sardines (Sardine Farcies)

Wok-Tossed Crab in Tamarind Sauce

Pigeon with Gingerbread (Pigeon au Pain d'Epices)

Bresse Chicken in Yellow Wine

Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish

Slow-Roasted Goat Baguette (Chevre Roti Sur Baguette)

Pan-Seared Scallops in Seaweed Butter

Gateau Basque

Wok-Tossed Langoustines with Sea Beans and Oyster Sauce

Hot Oysters in Creamy Beurre Blanc

Crispy Skin Chicken with Master Stock

Crottin Chaud Sur Toast (Melted Goat Cheese on Sourdough)

Onion Tart

Razor Clams in Coconut Broth

Pork Neck with Spring Vegetables

Asparagus with Mousseline Sauce

Slow Roasted Goat with Lemongrass, Chiles and Preserved Bean Curd

Nicoise Salad (Salade Nicoise)

Sebastian's Rabbit Cooked in Red Wine

Stuffed Squid in Black Ink Sauce

Wood-Fired Fouee with Goat Cheese

Lyonnaise Salad (Salade Lyonnaise)

Recipes Recently on TV

  • Stuffed Sardines (Sardine Farcies)
  • Onion Tart
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