In this series, Bobby Deen takes his mother, Paula Deen's, recipes and transforms her Southern comfort food into lighter, lean, yet still delicious dishes. Each week, we'll follow Bobby as he tries to recreate one of his Mama's famous meals with healthy substitutes that cut down on calories and fat, but still deliver on taste.

Bobby's Breakfasts

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Kale and Bacon Frittata

Vitamin-packed kale and a bit of bacon make Bobby's frittata super healthy.
Season 4, Episode 3

Sweet as Honey

Bobby visits the unlikely home of a colony of bees, and brings back some of their delicious honey to transform his Mama's dishes alongside guest Colette Burnett. He makes Grilled Honey Chicken With Rum Sauce and Honey-Pineapple Nut Bars.

Mar 8
7am | 6c
Season 4, Episode 4

Philly on My Mind

Bobby discovers a hydroponic garden on the rooftops of Brooklyn and brings back the freshest baby butterhead lettuce for his Cheese Steak Lettuce Cups and fresh basil for his Roasted Zucchini Skins.

Mar 8
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 4, Episode 5

Clamming Expedition

Bobby heads out to Long Island and learns how to harvest the freshest clams the shore has to offer for his Seafood Pie. Later, Lime Mousse Cups for dessert.

Mar 8
8am | 7c
Season 4, Episode 6

Mexico in BK

Bobby visits a Mexican cheese shop that's been in Brooklyn for more than a decade and learns how to make authentic Oaxaca Cheese for his baked Chicken Cheese Empanadas with fresh Tomatillo Salsa. He also makes Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs With Garlic and Orange and Sweet Potato Chicken Mole.

Mar 8
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 4, Episode 7

Totally Tofu!

Bobby uncovers an unlikely expert of Japanese cuisine who shows him that going totally tofu can be delicious. This episode features Silken Tofu, Crispy Black Pepper Tofu Bites, Tofu and Veggie Soup and Tofu Creme Brulee.

Mar 8
9am | 8c
Season 4, Episode 8

Nuts For Peanuts!

Bobby learns how to transform peanuts into peanut butter with a Mexican flair alongside acclaimed chef, Roberto Santibanez. Then, boxing superstar Laila Ail comes over to give their favorite dishes a peanuty twist, with Peanut Chicken Casserole and Peanut Butter Rice Pudding.

Mar 8
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 1

Just Desserts

Bobby Deen begins his culinary quest to lighten up his mom's meals starting with just desserts. He is tackling two of Paula's most famous dishes -- Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding and Chocolate Mousse Pie. Bobby's whipping up a Fresh Fruit Bread Pudding and Frozen Chocolate Pie. He's cutting the fat and calories in these decadent desserts but keeping all of the flavor.

May 24
7am | 6c
Season 4, Episode 9

Fair Food

Paula comes for a visit, and Bobby decides to take her to world-famous Coney Island. While they explore, Bobby decides to make his own healthier versions of his favorite fair treats so he's able to eat them more often. He whips up Brown Sugar and Oat Baked Apples, Chicken Brats With Celery Salad and Dutch Baby.

May 24
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 2

The Bag Lady's Son

Bobby gets a surprise visitor to help him lighten up two dishes that go all the way back to his mom's "Bag Lady" days; Pimento Cheese Sandwiches and Gooey Butter Cake. He's also throwing in a quick and light Spicy Sweet Potato Chip recipe. The dishes are so good The Bag Lady herself might have to stop by to try them out.

May 24
8am | 7c
Season 4, Episode 10

Bobby's Favorites

Comfort food doesn't have to be banned when you're on a diet. With a few tweaks, like using the leanest beef and the freshest peaches, Bobby creates waistline-friendly dishes of Lean Multigrain Goulash and Light Peach Cobbler.

May 24
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 4, Episode 11

Getting Saucy!

Bobby learns how to make the healthiest tomato sauce for his spaghetti and pizza from an adorable Brooklyn raised Italian grandma (born in Italy!) and shares his dishes with special guests Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos. With recipes for Light Spaghetti With Homemade Sauce, Whole Wheat Veggie Lovers' Pie, Nonna's Fresh Spicy Tomato Sauce, Nonna's Basil-Walnut Pesto, Broccoli Rabe Salad and Gabriele's Italian Bitter Spritzer.

May 24
9am | 8c
Season 4, Episode 12

Pump it Up!

Bobby's best friend and trainer Sam Carter is in town, and together they feast on protein packed Chocolate Chocolate Coconut Almond Cookies that are wheat flour-free and trans fat-free. Bobby also makes Orange and Shallot Stuffed Turkey Breast, Low-Sugar Mixed Berry Jam and PB&J Frozen Yogurt Cookie Sandwiches.

May 24
9:30am | 8:30c

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Growing up in a traditional Southern kitchen, Bobby Deen went to work for his mother when he was 18 and now is an essential ingredient in the recipe that has made Paula Deen an American hospitality and cooking icon.