Paul Hollywood rekindles his baking roots as he travels the globe in search of the family bakeries, corner delis and luxury hotels which have created the baking heritage of entire cities. During these city breaks, Paul is inspired once again to produce delicious recipes in the very place they originated as he goes "back to the floor" in hotel kitchens, rediscovers family recipes and meets new baking heroes from around the world.
Season 1, Episode 5


Paul Hollywood is in Naples, Italy, the home of pizza! He also discovers the Neapolitan rum baba -- a light yeasted bun in rum syrup; and the multi-layered sfogliatelle -- filled with fruit and cream. Later he bakes a classic dark chocolate Caprese Cake.

Dec 17
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 6


In Copenhagen, Denmark, Paul Hollywood meets Mette Blomsterberg, a local baker and celebrity. She teaches him how to make Kranskake, a tower of delicious almond cookies, that's easy to make, yet makes an impressive centerpiece.

Dec 24
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 7


Paul Hollywood meets up with his friend, Omar Allibhoy, a Madrid, Spain, native who knows all the best places to eat in this capital city. At a bakery set up to supply the Spanish Royal Family, Paul finds traditional choux pastry treats filled with a sweet cream.

Dec 31
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 8


Paul Hollywood is in Warsaw, Poland, discovering a cafe scene at Odette that would out-do even the best Paris can offer. With head chef, Jarek Nowakowski, Paul creates a new take on the Polish babka, a sponge flavored with citrus, honey and coconut.

Feb 7
7am | 6c
Season 1, Episode 9


Paul Hollywood is in America's original seaside resort of Miami. Here he gets the chance to create his own version of the classic Florida key lime pie using a delicious but deceptively simple recipe.

Feb 7
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 10


Paul Hollywood is in Munich, Germany, where he learns the secret of its famous pretzels, tries baumkuchen, and makes a delicious beer hall favorite, a Dampfnudel dessert that's traditionally served hot with black cherries and custard.

Feb 7
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 1

New York

In New York, Paul Hollywood discovers how doughnuts have been recreated with fresh, innovative flavors. He also meets Jim Lahey, an internet sensation for inventing a new, unbelievably simple way of baking bread at home.

Feb 7
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 1, Episode 2


Paul Hollywood is excited to visit Paris for the first time, and sees the classic croissant and baguette baked in their origin city. He also turns the classic eclair into a "Choux Eiffel Tower" to create a stunning special occasion bake.

Feb 7
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 3


At London's historic Cliveden House Hotel, Paul Hollywood recreates his idea of heavenly baked perfection, the Classic Afternoon Tea. Paul's scones are light, his sandwiches cut just-so, and his beautiful cakes are no bigger than three bites each!

Feb 7
9:30am | 8:30c

Russian Beef Pie

Dampfnudel (German Sweet Dumplings)


Caprese Cake

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies


Kransekake (Ring Cake)

Choux Pastry Eiffel Tower

Iberico Ham and Manchego Empanadas

Key Lime Pie

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